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About Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare

The Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare was founded in 1994 and is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation that exists to promote quality and safety improvement throughout the Irish health service. It currently has in excess of eight hundred members nationwide. 

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This membership base is interdisciplinary, spread across all geographic areas within the country and includes public, voluntary and private sector representation. These are people who believe in the benefits of networking and sharing information and best practice in healthcare.

The Board of Directors gives focus and direction to the work of the society and ensures the highest levels of corporate governance and accountability are evident at all times.  The Board leads on the development of the Society’s strategic plan so as to ensure engagement with stakeholders is a dynamic manner.  The current strategy has four strands/groups embracing:

  1. The ‘Patient Advocacy’ group aims to ensure all patient groups have a voice that can be heard and are enabled to play an active and informed role in the healthcare services the require;
  2. The ‘Training and Education’ group strives to provide accessible training to healthcare practitioners at all grades and levels on the core philosophies of continuous quality improvement, lean thinking, process mapping and other relevant healthcare quality tools;
  3. The ‘Research’ group has a primary aim of ensuring patient experience research continues to remain on the radar nationally and at a local level. By leading, designing and delivering validated research methods, metrics and tools;
  4. The ‘Communications’ group aim to provide timely information to our members and the public in general through the use of emerging and tried and tested methods.

Operational activities are facilitated by a volunteer executive lead, the Managing Director and the Society operates through a working group approach to ensure the delivery of specific projects drawing on the expertise of its members and the strength of its network to deliver on its strategic objectives.

The mission statement of the Society is:

'To lead the continuous improvement of quality and safety in healthcare.'



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  • ISQSH, 83 Meadowbank Hill,
    Co. Meath

  • Tel: +353 (01) 689 6425

  • Fax: +353 (01) 689 5426

Charity Registration No: CHY15227
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