Healthy Skin Acne: Enjoy Fresh and Healthy Skin

healthy skin acneAcne is a skin complication that is caused by many factors. Some of these primary factors include hormonal imbalances and clogged pores. The clogged pores are the primary cause of acne, which is otherwise referred to as pimples.

This type of skin condition occurs in various sections of the body and not only the face. This includes on the back, chest, and shoulders. Acne is just a simple term that represents plugged pores on the skin which often appear s pimples, lumps or cysts.

How do Pimples Develop?

Acne is a skin disorder that affects part of the skin known as the Polo-Sebaceous Units(PSU). This section of the skin is often packed with sebaceous glands.

The glands are connected to follicle which has a layer of finer hair. In particular, the sebaceous glands have the role of producing sebum, which the body releases for natural moisturizing benefits.

However, this substance sometimes gets clogged on the skin follicles, and this then leads to the occurrence of pimples.

Factors that Increase Acne Breakouts

There are various factors that can increase your acne condition. Most medical practitioners have attributed it to lifestyle habits and hormonal changes.

Other notable factors include genetics and heredity. In most cases, children often inherit the condition from parents and excessive exposure to compounds such as lithium and androgen.

There are various other notable factors that can also exacerbate the condition. They include:

  • Increased hormonal changes during puberty
  • Excessive secretion of oil on the skin
  • Environmental irritants such as dust, pollution, and humidity
  • Over scrubbing the skin and lack of hygiene
  • Picking and squeezing pimples
  • Stress and anxiety

Types of Acne

Acne is a skin complication that can occur in many ways on the skin. Some of the most common types include:

  1. Comedo- this is a large and plugged follicle that come up as whiteheads
  2. Papules- inflamed lesions that might appear as small bumps on the skin
  3. Cysts- painful, deep and pus-filled lesions that can lead to scarring
  4. Pustules- these are papules that feature yellow and white pus-filled lesions
  5. Nodules- these are large painful, solid lesions that are found deep in the skin

How to Remedy Acne? Healthy skin acne

Dermatologists user various types of techniques to treat acne. You can use various types of DIY recipes to clear acne. For instance, ensure that you maintain optimal hygiene by washing the face thrice a day with warm water and a mild skin cleanser.

Furthermore, you can also use natural oils such as chamomile, juniper, mint, almond oil and more on the skin. Also, you might also consider experimenting with the various types of facial cleansers available.

Other notable suggestions include diet changes and exercise. This will provide practical results, and you might consider using zinc supplements in your diet. Also avoid foods such as junk food, salty foods, and caffeine.

Aside from DIY recipes, you can also consume various times of prescriptions medicines. A good recommendation is to use prescriptions that comprise of benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, sulfur, Vitamin A and OTC topical medicines.

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